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Hi! I’m Santina and I’m the Creative director of Santina Jewellery. 

My pieces are uniquely designed by me and form part of an everyday love of art and beauty. I gain inspiration from both abroad and locally, and have always had a love for jewellery and art. My pieces are made exclusively for Santina Jewellery and also made in small batches. Lots of my pieces are handmade and assembled by myself in my sun lit-up Melbourne studio, giving these pieces a personal touch to the bespoke lines.

I have dedicated myself to building a niche brand that is affordable and beautiful, and believe every woman deserves to wear beautiful jewellery and feel special every day of her life.

My experience comes from a background in Accounting within the Mining Industry, and set off to establish my love for fashion and jewellery in 2013. My flair for jewellery enabled me to create my own jewellery line and the experience within the mining industry helped to establish this vibrant platform. I have always been intrigued from the very beginning of the art process to the finished product. 

My jewellery is an ‘on-trend’ designer jewellery label. Originally known for my beautiful coin jewellery collection and stacker bracelets, I’ve now grown my collection to include Luxe, Minimalist and my latest Fiorentina collection which has been aspired from the beauty of Florence and its illustrious cultural art and renaissance. Partnering with my suppliers in Florence, I was able to gain a greater insight into the richness and beauty of Florence and its open-air museum surroundings, thus leading me to create the newest Fiorentina Collection.

Santina Jewellery also offers gift wrapping if needed and express delivery if you need. 

Enjoy browsing the collection and if anything catches your eye, don’t hesitate! You will not be disappointed.

Treat yourself and enjoy the gift of art and culture.